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1. Subject/ Service

A rental contract is concluded between the owner of the holiday property and the client for the provision of a holiday property for short-term rental. leondoro mediates the services offered exclusively on behalf of the owner (mediation of external services/ holiday property for short-term rental) between the applicant, travellers and the respective contractual party (service provider/ owner).


2. Booking

Acceptance of the offer and confirmation by leondoro results in an agency contract between leondoro and the customer. By making a confirmed booking, the person making the booking expressly confirms the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of leondoro that he or she will conclude the short-term rental contract with the owner and acknowledges the general instructions for booking holiday properties through leondoro.

Additional agreements that change the scope of the offer require written confirmation from leondoro.
After receipt of the booking confirmation, it is the customer's responsibility to check it for correctness and to inform leondoro in the event of any discrepancies. The notification must be made within 3 days of receipt. Incorrect information that is notified late cannot be taken into account and does not entitle the customer to withdraw from the contract.


3. Deposit or 1st payment

Payment is made in the manner specified in the booking confirmation. The deposit is due upon receipt of the booking confirmation. This is to be transferred immediately, within 3 working days, to the leondoro account.
The 1. payment is at least 300,- €
. For final prices (excluding final cleaning, deposit and other additional costs) which are less than 300,- €, the complete rental price can be demanded as advance payment. Up to 60 days before the start of the rental period the deposit is at least 30% of the rental price, up to 28 days 60% of the rental price, for short-term bookings from 27 days before the start of the rental period the entire rental price can be demanded.

In the event that the deposit is not received (from the 4th working day after booking) leondoro is entitled to withdraw from the brokerage contract. Since down payments and their due dates are dependent on the specifications of the service agent, you can make other arrangements in individual cases. This requires an individual agreement between leondoro and the person making the booking. The payment of the remaining rental price, as well as the deposit and the service flat rate, is usually made on site to the owner or his authorized representative, otherwise by bank transfer on the date indicated. Late payment or non-payment of the remaining amount is considered a withdrawal from the contract by the person making the booking and entitles leondoro to rent out the accommodation to another party. In this case the 1st payment will not be refunded. This regulation does not affect the agreement between the person who made the booking and the service provider. If payment of the remaining price is made by transfer to a bank account, the person making the booking shall bear the resulting costs. External bank costs are to be carried by the customer.


4. Travel documents and vouchers

The contractual partner shall receive all necessary travel documents up to one week before arrival. Usually this takes place after receipt of the 1st payment.


5. Arrival and departure

The holiday property can usually be occupied on the day of arrival from about 04:00 pm; on the day of departure the tenant must leave the house by 11:00 am at the latest. If necessary, an individual agreement between tenant and owner is possible. The arrival and departure times are then bindingly stated in the voucher. If the arrival should take place after 07:30 p.m. in the holiday house, the owner is entitled to demand a surcharge of 35,- € for the late arrival on arrival.


6. Security deposit

The tenant has to pay a deposit in Euro cash. The deposit is due on site against issue of a receipt on taking over the house. The amount of the deposit depends on the owner's specifications. If during the rental period damage to the rental object or inventory is caused by the client or a fellow traveller, the deposit can be retained until the facts of the case have been clarified. As a rule, the client is liable for all damage caused by him or his fellow travellers. The compensation for damages can be offset against the deposit. Damages exceeding the deposit are to be compensated by the client. In case of damage, the owner or his representative (the contact person on site) must be informed immediately. If no handover is requested or agreed on the day of departure, the owner is entitled to retain the deposit until he has had the opportunity to inspect the apartment or house. In this case the deposit will be transferred to an account to be named by the client, if necessary reduced by the amount for increased cleaning costs or damages. If damages have happened which exceed the amount of the deposit, the owner's claims for damages remain valid.


7. Final cleaning/ return of the keys

The return of the holiday property on the day of departure is carried out in a swept state: the dishes are washed and put away in the designated places. The refrigerator is emptied, perishable food and those whose packaging has been opened are disposed of, as well as rubbish and used glass, used towels are in the designated place, the barbecue is cleaned, ashes are disposed of, no rubbish or refuse is left on the property, all rooms are swept. The final cleaning is done by a professional crew. In the case of excessive or wilful soiling of the property by the guest, which is unacceptable for the owner or which requires much more effort to remove than is covered by the payment of the amount for the final cleaning, the owner may charge additional cleaning costs incurred by the guest, with exact proof of costs in each case.


8. Obligation to cooperate

The client is requested to check the correctness of all details when booking. On arrival at the holiday home, the client must check the inventory and report any defects to the owner or his house service within 24 hours so that the problem can be remedied. All other complaints about the rented property must also be reported immediately to the owner or his house service on site. Should the client himself become the cause of damage during his stay, this must also be reported directly to the owner or his on-site house service. The property must be left clean when moving out. This also includes the cleaned kitchen inventory.

The booking party acknowledges that service staff such as pool service, gardeners or cleaners etc. are available at normal times. have access to the rented property/ plot


9. Assignment

The maximum number of persons stated in the booking and in the voucher applies to the occupancy of the rental property. Should the number of fellow travellers change by the day of arrival, this must be communicated immediately. In principle, the occupancy is only possible up to the maximum number of persons stated in the description of the rental object. In the event of over-occupancy by the client, there is no obligation to accommodate the non-registered persons. The excess persons must leave the rental property immediately upon request by the owner or his representative. The owner is entitled to demand additional remuneration in an appropriate amount for the period of time during the over-occupancy. The owner has the right to withdraw from the rental agreement in the event of overcrowding by the client. The obligation to provide accommodation thereby expires and the client and all fellow travellers must leave the rented property immediately. Advance payments and deposits will not be refunded. Damages incurred by the owner due to the non-agreed over occupancy are to be compensated by the client.


10. Pets

In principle, the accommodation of pets is subject to the prior consent of the respective owner. In the case of accommodation of pets, the deposit for the animal is increased by the amount stated in the service description of the corresponding holiday property. The client is liable for all damages caused by animals he/she accommodates. Otherwise, the same consequences apply as for overcrowding under point 9.


11. Liability

The use of the holiday property, including all associated outdoor facilities, is at your own risk. The owner assumes no liability in case of accidents. The client is responsible for his/ her own property and valuables, as well as cash. The owner assumes no liability in the event of burglary. The customer has to treat the accommodation and the inventory with care. He is obliged to report all damages occurring during his stay to the local service staff. See also point 4 - Duty to cooperate. The customer is personally liable for any damage caused by him/he.


12. Exclusion of liability

The invitation to tender for the properties to be rented was prepared to the best of our knowledge and according to the information provided by the service provider/ owner. No liability is accepted for changes which are or have been made on site by owners or third parties and of which leondoro has no knowledge. The use of the holiday property, garden and outside facilities (pool), the furnishings is at your own risk. Liability on the part of leondoro is excluded. This applies in particular in the event of accidents, theft, burglary, noise pollution caused by construction activities on neighbouring properties without time limitation. We are not liable for any influence on the rented property by force majeure, such as strike, war, earthquake or other natural disasters, customary power and water failures, insects, animals or storms. Furthermore leondoro is not liable for the permanent availability of installations such as central heating, internet, pool, etc. If the use of the holiday property is not possible due to force majeure and no replacement property can be arranged, liability is limited to a maximum of the amount of the customer's already paid deposits (not final payment). All claims for damages of the traveler are to be made to the corresponding owner or administrator


13. Withdrawal

The customer can withdraw from the booking contract at any time. Withdrawal from the contract by the customer must be made in writing to leondoro. Cancellation of the booking will be forwarded by leondoro to the service provider/ owner and will be notified. The date of receipt of the cancellation by leondoro is decisive for the cancellation. If the date of receipt of the cancellation is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the next working day is considered the date of receipt. In the event of cancellation, leondoro is entitled to compensation for expenses incurred and the agency fee. The deposit paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. In the event of withdrawal, the following fees will be calculated and due as loss of rent for the owner: The basis for the calculation is the total rent minus the deposit.

Until 90 days before the start of the rental 35% of the remaining price,

until 60 days before the start of the rental 40% of the remaining price,

up to 28 days before the start of the rental 60% of the remaining price,

until 01 day before the start of the rental 90% of the remaining price,

in case of cancellation or no-show on the day of arrival, the entire remaining price is due. in case of cancellation after a rebooking, not the day of the rebooking but the day of the first booking is decisive for the calculation of the deadlines


14. Rebooking/ booking of substitute travellers
Rebookings of tours can only be offered by cancelling the original tour, see clause 8, at the respective agreed cancellation fees and subsequently booking a new tour at the respective tour price. For the booking of a substitute traveller (so-called name change fees) or changes to the arrival and departure dates on a daily basis, at the corresponding daily rates subject to availability, an additional processing fee of Euro 50,- per change transaction will be charged. Please note that changes to bookings may result in the loss of any concessions and discounts applicable at the time of the original booking and therefore in higher final prices. All declarations by the customer regarding rebooking, change of date or cancellation must be made in writing and require written confirmation by leondoro/ mallorca-ferienhaus-privat to be valid.


15. Changes in services

Changes or deviations of individual services from the agreed contents of the brokerage contract, which become necessary after conclusion and which were not brought about by leondoro against good faith, are only permitted insofar as these changes or deviations are not substantial. Possible warranty claims remain unaffected insofar as the changed services are defective. leondoro is obligated to inform the customer immediately of any changes or deviations. If necessary, a free rebooking or a free withdrawal is offered


16. Tourist tax

For travellers to the Balearic Islands, the tourist tax will be collected from clients in holiday homes, apartments and fincas. The amount of the tax depends on the high and low season and the length of the stay. Excluded are children under 16 years. For clients of holiday homes, apartments and fincas, € 2,- per day is charged in the high season (1st May to 31st October), 0,50 in the low season (1st November to 30th April). From the 9th day of stay, only in the high season the amount to be paid is halved to 1,- €. The tax liability is for the client and his companions. The tourist tax is collected by the owner on site and paid by the owner to the relevant tax authorities


17. Data protection

The data entered by the customer is electronically processed by leondoro. The data will only be passed on to the extent necessary for the booking. The data will not be passed on for other purposes. In all other respects, the legal data protection regulations are observed during data collection


18. Place of jurisdiction and miscellaneous

Place of jurisdiction for the brokerage contract is Düren. The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the brokerage contract does not result in the ineffectiveness of the entire contract. The ineffective provision shall then be replaced by the legally stipulated provision.


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